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Yugal Munirajshree vihar and stay at Marigold Hall

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AT THE Haathi Mahal Resorts Hotel
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ONLY FOR Rs. 50000-.( Negotiable) Or 1000 US$ for 7 Nights
ACCOMMODATION FOR 6 PERSONS Two bed Rooms and Hall with Double bed cum Sofa (T2 unit)
FROM 29th December 2012 to 5th January 2013 (week 52).

Alok Tholiya

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shri Arvind Kejriwal at Marigold Hall

National Anti corruption Icon Shri Arvind Kejriwal at Marigold Hall, Santacruz on 11th Sep 2012
Alok Tholiya is seated between person wearing striped Tee shirt and person wearing Annaji cap.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My father has left a big vacuum....

My father Shri Bhanwarlalji Tholiya (Age 89 years) left for his
heavenly abode @ 2.30 am on 29th June 2012.
He last attended his office on  26th June 2012.
He was born in a small village known as Nimaj and married to Mallibai Patni alias Saroj Tholiya daughter of Jamindar and Sarpanch Late Nathamalji Patni of Anandpur Kalu, His Nanihal was in Kataria family, Narena all in Rajasthan.

Due to conditions like drought his father wanted him to give up
studies when he was in 9th standard and stopped sending him fees.But he started doing part time and tutions and started earning to pay his one fees .  He went all the way to other state to Kanpur for
higher studies and around 1947 came to Mumbai where initially he lived
in a small room below staircase without light. So he did his LLB by
studying at railway platform on a bench below light as day time he was
working in a bank.
As most of you know he continued to study for years and was, LLB, ICWA, CAIIB, Dip. in Business Management ( Bajaj Institute), Sanskrit Visharad.
He started his carrier with a bank and then joined a insurance company
and lastly he was general Manger of a textile Mills of Seksaria
Groups. About 40 years back he started his own practice as Cost Accountant and Company
He was cost auditors and cost consultant for Hindalco, Indian Smelting, Andhra Paper Mills, Dhutpapeshwar, Hind Cycles, Digvijay Cements, Ajanta Paper Mills Balkrishna Synthetics, Siyaram Silk Mills, Ipca Laboratories, Stirlite group  and hoards of other limited companies of which I do not
recollect his name.
He was cost auditor for Siyaram Mills and Balkrishna Synthetics since 1 st year
of its Inception 35 years back and continued till his death. Daddy’s nature and memory was severally affected since last few years due to a bad head injury caused in a road accident. But the people behind this great company are so human, compassionate and enlightened that inspite of all odds they showered all love, and respect on Daddy and continued association with him.

He was strict Gandhian to the core and had struggled all his life due
to his simplicity, hard work, honesty and dedication.
Since 9th standard he earned his on money and till death he did so
without touching his fathers money or son's money for entire of his
He remained happy being a tenant in building bought by
his father and subsequently co-owned by others in family. He has paid
rent for his one room till June 30th 2012 and never wanted anything
more then that in his life time.
While in his youth and as senior executive he was wearing suit etc but
at home he wore only Khadi
He was strong lover of Hindi language and felt Hindi can unite our countryman and worked vehemently to promote same.
 However he had great command over English and was
lecturer and visiting faculty for leading engineering college VJTI,
Mumbai for years. For years he was paper setter and examiner for
Institute of Cost and Works Accountant. He was several times elected
member of council of ICWA and other organisations.
He did not want to trouble anyone, take any help and did not want to over use any facilty so refused pick up service and always preffered public transport. He never asked me to pick or drop him at airport which is just 2 KM from my house. He never accpted any flowers, falicitations and gifts.
 He did not accept even a shirt piece as gift from my in laws. My in
laws insistingly gave some gifts to me in my marriage and out of which only
cooking range was kept in the room of my dad as kitchen was attached
to his room. He stopped eating food when he realised that this range
has come in my marriage from my father in law. He only ate food cooked
on this range when he paid its price to my papa in law who had no
choice but to accept same.
My mother had never entered a school and hardly had learnt to sign (
there was no system to give education to girls in those days. But he never made her feel
that he was such a scholar and she did not even go to primary school. Their pair was like a
spiritual love birds and hardly lived without each other.
 Dignity to old and women are virtues witch I learnt from

One client said I have only limited white money so I will only be able to pay 40% in white and rest in cash. He asked him to pay only white 40% as he could not accpt black money. Then he never made any tax planning and never did any  any adjustemnts in books. And such hard earned money was wasted by paying heavy income tax of those years (above 80%) leaving nothing in hand. A common chartered accountant friend advised me that I must convince my dad to take tax benefits as he was paying more tax
then Amitabh Bachan. (This is incidence of 1975/76 or so).But those who know him must be knowing that he was Ironman and nothing could bend this Iron from his principles.

Parents above us are all whether umbrella and as I am facing rough weather in personal life I needed him most Now.  Today there is a total vacuum above my head after his sad demise. At this juncture this personal loss could have affected me badly but for his spiritual teachings. Moreover the long list of well wishers and relations he built and left for us, and the Great Indian culture of joint family too gives me a security and comfort.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012